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"Advent is the harbinger to make way for the Queen-feast"

Henry Killigrew's sermon before the King on Advent Sunday 1666 is an example of how observance of Advent was recognised in Restoration Anglicanism.  The sermon begins with reference to the Gospel of the day: Hosanna to the Son of David, blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the Lord, hosanna in the highest. These words are the Acclamation of the people, at our Saviour's entering in Triumph into Jerusalem, and part of the Gospel appointed for this Day, the first Day of the Church's Year, as appears by the Cycle or Round of Collects begun this Day. Christians, with good reason; observing yearly, double sort of year, an Ecclesiastical from the Advent of our Saviour, as well as a Civil from the Return of the Sun. For the Times and Seasons of the Church are measured, her spiritual Growths fostered, not by the Sun in the Firmament, but by the Sun of Righteousness, not by Planetary Motions or Influences, but by the Star of Jacob, whose Dawn, or Rising upon the World we at this

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