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"This most holy Religion, with the Hierarchy and Liturgy thereof": Charles I's 1644 Declaration "to the Protestant Churches beyond the Seas"

"Parliaments are the best preservers of the rights of this kingdom": Laud, 'absolutism', and the mixed constitution

Lament and penitence on Holocaust Memorial Day

'His instruments, giving us that oneness with Christ': Bishop Phillpotts' 1842 Visitation Charge and Anglican sacramental teaching

"May agree in the truth of thy holy Word": Praying the Prayer for the Church Militant with Jewel and Hooker

"This is the Communion of charity": Jeremy Taylor on praying the Psalter and Christian unity

"Neglect, or hatred, from the most learned and accomplished": The Hackney Phalanx against Gibbon

"This high mystical and spiritual doctrine": Jelf's Bampton lectures and the richness of Reformed Catholic Eucharistic teaching

'Exasperating passages, which edify nothing': Laud's defence of the peace of Church and Commonwealth

"The visible church is not a mere multitude": Bishop Phillpotts' 1842 Visitation Charge and Article 19

"These names differ more in sound, than in sense": Spottiswoode, Scottish superintendency, and Laudian episcopacy

"Our divine commission": a Hackney Phalanx sermon at an episcopal consecration

"No sacrifice of the blessed Body of our Lord": Jelf's Bampton Lectures and the feast upon the Sacrifice

Spottiswoode on the Articles of Perth and "the reformed Churches"

"Nothing sectarian, nothing that is not Catholic": Bishop Phillpotts' 1842 Visitation Charge and Prayer Book piety

"Twenty years a presbyter": Richard Bancroft, the Scottish Church, and the Hookerian vision