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Contours of conformity, 1662-1832: "reverence for Catholic antiquity"

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'Sung by the Jewish church': the Jubilate at Matins

"The bounds of wisdom are large": Diwali, Canterbury, and Article XIII

'The love which nature requireth': November, a month for churchyards

As the leaves fall: Remembrance Sunday in the parish church

'Consider him first as the God of nature': A Hackney Phalanx sermon and the riches of natural theology

'It kept down the turbulence of those spirits who would have run into every extreme of doctrine': Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures and the distinctives of the Reformation in England

'The warmest language of gratitude and praise': the Benedictus at Matins

'In the midst of life, thinking upon death': November, a month for churchyards