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Newman, Keble, Pusey: High Church Parsons on Trinity Sunday

It is in the same spirit that the most precise and systematic of all the Creeds, the Athanasian, is rather, as the form of it shows, a hymn of praise to the Eternal Trinity; it being meet and right at festive seasons to bring forth before our God every jewel of the Mysteries entrusted to us, to show that those of which He gave us we have lost none - John Henry Newman,'The Gospel, a Trust Committed to Us', Parochial and Plain Sermons, Vol.2.22.

God the Father, the First Person in the Trinity, is especially called the Maker and Creator of the world, because He is the First Person, the Root, the Fountain, the Beginning of all: as the holy Creed says "He is made of none, neither created, nor begotten" - John Keble, Sermon XL for Trinity Sunday, Sermons for the Christian Year.

Equally, or even more, I should think it fatal to relegate the Athanasian Creed into some corner, to be acknowledged by one knows not whom of the …

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