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High Church Receptionist piety

From Eight Sermons Preached before the University of Cambridge at Great St Mary's (1831) by Hugh James Rose, associated with the Hackney Phalanx, examples of High Church Receptionist piety:

And oh! yet more than all, let each of us ask himself how he regards the blessed communion of his Master's Body and Blood? Does he look to it with awe indeed, but with hope and joy unspeakable, knowing that there he shall find the largest portion of the graces of the Spirit, in the assured hope of pardon, in new desires, new affections, new dispositions.

... does not the Church of Christ remind us in that solemn service of the blessed purposes for which it was ordained, and tell us that we who approach with faith to that high communion shall have our bodies made pure by our Lord's body and our soul washed with His most precious blood, that we shall evermore dwell in Him and He in us?

Sermon I

Once again, ere he departs, he desires to partake of that high communion of his Saviour's bod…

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