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Patriots, Loyalists, Anglicans: unity and accord

"Cherishing those virtuous and religious principles": Robert Smith, Patriot Anglicans, and preaching as moral reflection

"The line of obedience": a 1775 sermon in Bruton Parish Church

"The hedges of liberty are broken down": Duché's 1775 fast day sermon to the Continental Congress

"For the peace and well-being of the churches": Patriots, Loyalists, and the state prayers in July 1776

"And thou, Child, shalt be called the Prophet of the Highest": the Benedictus and acknowledging the Forerunner

"That simple grace": Lonsdale and the Old High tradition in the later 19th century

"No commandment so strongly or so strictly enjoined by Christ": Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures on unity and episcopal order

"A compendious Catholic Creed": the Gloria Patria in the opening versicles at Matins and Evensong

Episcopalian piety from a time of conflict: significance, influence, and lessons

Our times, the seasons, and Trinitytide

"The fair limits of the Church of England": Lonsdale on comprehension and the Church's peace