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With Angels and Archangels: Michaelmas and Prayer Book Communion

'When we are in any trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, or other adversity': A Hackney Phalanx sermon on prayer in adversity and the Prayer for the Church Militant

'Not a word is added for the purpose of exciting veneration': Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures and the cult of the saints

'To inform the mind, and to excite devotion': lessons from the Apocrypha at Matins and Evensong

Contours of Conformity, 1662-1832: Edward Welchman and predestination

Ember Friday: Taylor, 'the whole office of the Priesthood', and the 1559 Ordinal

'The truest model of an apostolical church': Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures and the Primitive Church contrasted with Newman

September Embertide and the approach of Autumn

'Mysterious obscurity': the 1662 lectionary and scriptures not read in the congregation

The contours of Conformity, 1662-1832

'Your part and obligation': a Hackney Phalanx sermon on the necessity of holy living

'Independent of each other and equal in authority': Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures on 'every particular church' in the patristic era

Celebrating Yale Apostasy Day: James Wetmore's defence of Anglican congregations in New England

'Two attendants on one Lord': reading the scriptures of the Old and New Covenants at Matins and Evensong