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Christmas Day: 'There is nothing, not anything, in heaven or earth left out'

'Born of the Virgin Mary': why the Church confesses the virgin birth

Yes, the First Eucharist of Christmas is Midnight Mass

'Quiet religion and silent piety': Jeremy Taylor on the Blessed Virgin as the model of contemplation

'The mysteries are chiefly the two holy Sacraments': Keble, Advent Ember Week, and stewards of the holy mysteries

'To make the profession of his belief with his own mouth': the ceremonies of the Creed at Matins and Evensong

'The best commentary': advice from Jeremy Taylor on preaching at Christmas

'There is one thing which he takes more tenderly, and that is, the uncharitableness of men towards his poor'

'The way in which he is to secure his salvation': a final extract from Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures

'To repeat the Apostles' Creed': the Creed at Matins and Evensong

'So to think of your Bibles and so to use them': Keble, Advent II, and reading the Scriptures

Come and ransom captive Israel: the penitential sentences and Confession at Matins and Evensong in Advent

'Mary is for life, not just for Christmas': An Old High affirmation

'A very seasonable form of prayer and praise': Deus Misereatur at Evensong

'Now on the morning of Advent Sunday': Keble, the passage of the year, and Old High piety

Advent Frost

Shaken on Advent Sunday

'The cuntre of schadewe of deth': the dark days before Advent