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"The Protestant Episcopal Communion in Scotland": St. Andrew's Day thoughts on Scottish Episcopalianism and the Old High tradition

"The Real Presence spiritually, mystically, and sacramentally understood": Jelf's Bampton Lectures on the Holy Eucharist as true feeding

"This holy season": an early PECUSA sermon for Advent Sunday

The cusp of Advent

Thanksgiving ... for the magisterial Protestantism of early PECUSA

"He only is a faithful receiver who has a thankful remembrance": Jelf's Bampton Lectures on the Holy Eucharist as remembrance

"To meet the great day of account with confidence and joy": A Hackney Phalanx sermon for Stir-up Sunday

PECUSA BCP 1789's Office of the Institution of Ministers and the means of grace

Late November days and Stir-up Sunday

Elizabeth's Injunctions and a New Elizabethan Anglicanism

"Seek the Church's peace": Bishop Bagot's 1842 Visitation Charge and its Laudian vision of ecclesial peace

"When there is little leisure for long disquisitions and debates": a Hackney Phalanx sermon for the Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity

Lichfield Cathedral and the relics of Saint Chad: a Laudian view