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All Hallows' Eve: Harvest, the dark season, and the month of the dead

'The spirits of darkness may not come near to hurt me': Laudian prayers for the dark season

'Mysterium est': the Hookerian heart of Taylor's Eucharistic theology

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A quiet night: Compline in dark times

Contours of Conformity 1662-1832: 'the excellency of our Church'

'To have sure confidence in the will and power of Jesus': another Hackney Phalanx sermon sounding like the Wesleys

'This strange imposition': Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures and a necessary critique of the stigmata legend

'Peculiar mercies vouchsafed to the mother of our Lord': the Magnificat at Evensong

A counterfactual: what if there had been no Movement of 1833?

Contours of Conformity 1662-1832: Praying for the Reformed Churches Abroad "as so many Churches of Christ"

'The sole, divine, and supernatural agencies': when a Hackney Phalanx sermon sounds like the Wesleys

'Natural and consistent, without pretensions or affectation': Le Mesurier's Bampton Lectures and ordinary Anglican piety