"Without this day": Whitsunday

Howsoever we make it, sure it is that all the rest, all the feasts hitherto in the return of the year from His Incarnation to the very last of His Ascension, though all of them be great and worthy of all honour in themselves, yet to us they are as nothing, any of them or all of them, even all the feasts in the Calendar, without this day, the feast which now we hold holy to the sending of the Holy Ghost.

Christ is the Word, and all of Him but words spoken or words written, there is no seal put to till this day; the Holy Spirit is the seal or signature ... A testament we have and therein many fair legacies, but still this day nothing administered ­ 'The administration are the Spirit's.' In all of these of Christ's there is but the purchase made and paid for ... livery and seizin, that is reserved till this day; for the Spirit is ... 'the earnest' or the investiture of all that Christ hath done for us.

Lancelot Andrewes, Whitsunday sermon 1606.


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