The avant-garde against Eamon Duffy

In a post last week I drew attention to Laudian Peter Heylyn rejoicing in the Elizabethan Settlement for securing the Edwardine Reformation: a case of Laudians against Eamon Duffy.  This was also true of earlier avant-garde conformist opinion.  From a 1588 sermon by Richard Bancroft:

Afterward when it pleased almighty God to blesse this Realme with the happie governement of our Soveraigne Ladie the Queenes most excellent Majestie that now is (whom almightie God long preserve, with all health and prosperitie to rule & governe us) the saide booke [i.e. 1552] in some points bettered togither with the truth of christian religion, established in hir brothers daies, was againe through Gods favor and hir goodnes restored unto us.


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