"All the thirty-nine Articles of Religion"

From Cosin's Articles of Inquiry for his Visitation of the Diocese of Durham, 1662 - an example of the significance with which Laudians regarded the Articles of Religion and assent to them:

... did he within two months after his induction publicly read in your Church upon some Sunday or Holiday, in the time of Divine Service, and in the audience of his parishioners, all the thirty-nine Articles of Religion set forth and established in the Church of England by authority? And did he then profess and publish his assent unto them all, subscribing his name thereunto in the presence of the Churchwardens, and other persons of your parish, who can bear witness of the same? do you not know, or have you not heard, that, in his reading or pretending to read these thirty-nine Articles of Religion, he omitted or skipped over some one or more of them? what Article was it, or what part thereof, that he left unread?


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