"Mystically given in the Eucharist"

The Socinians here object, that the text does not say that the Eucharist is ordained for remission, but that the blood, the blood spilled upon the cross, was shed for remission. But it is obvious to reply, that that blood which was once literally given for remission, upon the cross, is now every day symbolically and mystically given in the Eucharist, and given with all its fruits: therefore remission of sins is given. Such is the nature of symbolical grants, as I have before explained at large: they exhibit what they represent, convey what they signify, and are in divine construction and acceptance, though not literally or substantially, the very thing which they supply the place of. 

Daniel Waterland A Review of the Doctrine of the Eucharist, as laid down in Scripture and Antiquity, Chapter IX, 'Of Remission of Sins conferred in the Eucharist'.


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