On the death of Her Majesty the Queen

During this time of national mourning, words from Jeremy Taylor, originally addressed to Princess Mary, daughter of the Royal Martyr, are fittingly applied to the second Elizabeth:

for a long time, your devotion hath been eminent, your obedience to the strictest rules of religion hath been humble and diligent, even up to a great example, and that the service of God hath been your great care and greatest employment; your name hath been dear and highly honourable amongst the sons and daughters of the church of England: and we no more envy to Hungary the great name of St. Elizabeth, to Scotland the glorious memory of St. Margaret, to France the triumph of the piety of St. Genevieve, nor St. Katharine to Italy, since in your royal person we have so great an example of our own, one of the family of saints.

Posts on laudable Practice will resume after the period of national mourning.

God Save the King.