Tuesday in Whitsun Week: "the means of making us partakers of this gift of the Spirit"

This shews the great fault of the contempt and neglect of the sacrament of baptism, which was instituted by our Saviour as the solemn rite and ceremony of admitting persons into the Christian religion, and the means of making us partakers of this gift of the Spirit, and of all the blessed fruits and effects of it; so that this sacrament cannot be neglected or slighted, without great affront to the Christian religion, and contempt of one of the greatest blessings promised in the gospel. They that were admitted to the solemn profession of Christianity by baptism, were "made partakers of the Holy Ghost"; and this not only in the apostles' times, but in all after ages; for this "promise of the Holy Ghost was to them and their children, and to all that were afar off, even to as many as the Lord their God should call"; that is, to all that should embrace the Christian religion, and make a solemn profession of it in baptisın, in all succeeding ages to the end of the world.

Sermon CC, Works of TillotsonVolume VIII.


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